Declaración sobre el Brexit. Movimiento Europeo Internacional

An amputation has been inflicted upon our union today.

The greatness of the shock requires an even greater sense of unity.Today the message of nationalism, isolationism and fear of the other has prevailed. What we stand for, what we believe in, what we are all about has received a body-blow.

It is for that reason that we must all stand together. It is for that reason that we must look inside us and talk openly about the state our union finds itself in. It is for that reason that we must redouble our efforts against the dark and seductive forces of division.

People are thirsty for answers. When they find the well dry of water, they will drink mud. It is our responsibility to offer bold solutions to the pressing challenges facing all Europeans citizens.

The European Union has been with us for 6 decades; we have endured and prevailed upon great controversy, often against all odds. Britain’s decision to leave our Union confronts us with one of those moments. But through decades of hard work and dedication, crises and successes, momentary setbacks and monumental achievements, all the things that bind the EU together have forged an irreversible relationship of unity. Nothing can break that apart.

From migration to free movement, from our monetary union to our relationship with our global partners, from our security to our prosperity, we need to stand side by side within our Union, address those difficult but important issues with our common good in mind and put forward a vision our fellow citizens can pin their hopes on.

The loss of Britain is undeniably regrettable. Our family of nations will sorely miss our British friends. We respect the referendum outcome and acknowledge that there will be many debates and calls for similar plebiscites.

We must confront these debates head on and with confidence. We need to continue our path, our common challenges are great and, now more than ever, they require us to strengthen our bonds so we can meet them together. In the back of our minds and the depths of our heart we will hold hope that one day Britain will stand with us again.

The European Movement will continue to strive for European unity, like it has done since 1948, all across Europe, giving a voice to citizens from all walks of life. It is our core belief that only together we can be successful. Our focus will continue being the preservation and advancement of an open, tolerant, prosperous, democratic and fair European Union.

The European Movement International


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