The future of federalism: Between Federalism and the Nation State

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The 2015 edition of the Federalist Debate & Training Weekend will take place in Madrid on 13-15 March. It will be the occasion to discuss federalism and current European political issues from a federalist perspective and to engage into a practical training on campaigning for a federal Europe.

The Weekend will be articulated from a three-fold perspective:
Politics: a session on current political issues
Federalism: a session on a structural federalist topic relevant in the current political debate
Campaigning: 3 practical-oriented workshops

The key topics of the 2015 edition will be:
Federalism & Regionalism: similarities and differences and relevance in today’s Europe
How to re-launch European economy: a “new deal” for Europe, from the Euro to a fiscal and economic union
Prospects for a “federal Europe”, a year after the European elections

The practical workshops will focus on how to engage against nationalists and Euro-sceptics at local level with case studies from different countries.

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